Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

18 July

It's raining again, grey skies and high humidity - just a pure dream of a weather… Rafael cancelled the rehearsal (flu), the storm capped the electricity for a few hours, and I've found out that Melanie, my nice neighbor and friend, who is taking care of my plants, in a throw of creative "initiative" managed to erase the code for playing messages on my answering machine - exactly the kind of news I needed today…
On the other hand, I finally found the reader for the unpopular format xD card for the photo camera, now I can put the pictures here as well.

Here is the view in front of the Goethe Institut. Not bad, right?

Here are José Fernandez, my teacher of Portuguese, Rosa Vidal the lovely librarian and Adair Gass, the second in command, so to speak, who is taking care of many issues and problems in formidable way.

Here is Adrian Kuessmann, the chief of the language department.

and Mônica Schreiner, who provides the logistical solutions for the cultural program here, just like Adair Gass.

here again, this time together with Teresa, the good spirit of the house; she makes sure that it's clean and orderly everywhere, including my space. She brought me a few times some amazingly tasty avocados from her own garden.

Eric Guerreiro Dos Santos, the young man who takes care of the technical issues in the office, and is a very nice and helpful person to boot...

Tonight I will go to the concert of Arthur Hornig, the young cellist from Berlin who joined me here on the 6th floor. He is playing tonight in the San Pedro Theater, the main joint for all the things classy in Porto Alegre. If I have more energy, I'll drop by In Sano Pub, where Luizinho Santos plays in the 18 piece big band on Mondays.
The concert was a bit of a disapointment - the ensemble playing Villa-Lobos Stravinsky and Schostakovitch was really bad and provincial in the worst sense of the word. The cellist Arthur Hornig is very good, and I take off the imaginary hat to him for dealing so well and graciously with the situation.
Theater Sao Pedro is more then 150 years and is one of those wonderful theaters which manage to be grand and intimate at the same time.

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