Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011

19 July

A somewhat lazy beginning of the day was quickly changed up, as Mimo Ferreira called saying he could give me a pandeiro lesson I asked for.
I jumped at the oppotunity, practicing some before. We also played a bit in duo again and made plans for further reheasals and lessons.
Here you can visit Mimo's blog.
There you can see also his wife Carolinne Caramão, a singer and composer. She invited me to record with her a tune, Baião, in trio with Mimo - nice...

I start to put some videos of the musicians gauchos I'm finding out about.
Here is a clip of the very known and important musician from Rio Grande de Sul Pirisca Grecco.

Mimo told me of this Uruguayan music called candombe, which is played with 3 tambores drums. This genre is quite popular here, among others coming from the neigboring countries.
Here is an audio of the band with the famous Uruguayan pianist Hugo Fattorusso.

here is Gilberto Monteiro, a gaiteiro of the highest class, playing a milonga, one of the most popular genres down here.
(I learned so far one milonga, "Em cima do laço" and hope to play it with Rafael Ferrari and friends on August 5th.)

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