Donnerstag, 14. Juli 2011

Just came back from this wonderful concert, which took place in the huge hall of the State Federal University. The trio included two musicians I knew of way before - the pianist Paulo Braga and the great percussionist Marcos Suzano, who is considered to be one of the greatest players and innovators in his field. I got a DVD of his on the subject of pandeiro, which I sometimes check out, and, of course, I've been listening to his playing on countless records for over 15 years.
Mimo Ferreira, my new connection in the scene, a percussionist himself, informed me a day before about this event and got me a free ticket. He and his lovely wife are the nicest people one is likely to meet. After the concert was over, they dragged me to the backstage and introduced to absolutely everyone. Suddenly there I was, chatting with Suzano about his visit to Moscow a few years back, to Lui Coimbra about the advantages of Sao Paulo versus Rio de Janeiro, and excepting vague suggestions of a number of other musicians to get together and jam. Knowing that probably not much will come of it does not diminish my momentarily pleasure; I really dig the natural ease and friendliness of the people here - right off the bat there are hugs, little kisses a la France, pats on the back etc. It's easy going and soulful at the same time. Once again I am reminded, why I am here.
Mimo Ferreira will come to Goethe Institut tomorrow and we will jam together. Afterwards we will go to the MEME, a cultural center for the modern dance and music, where an evening program called "Improvised Space" will take place. Mimo said that we just might end up playing something there as well, let's see…

Slowly the word about my stay here gets around. Today two guys who were at our workshop here last year, called up, to express their appreciation for my music and to invite me to the birthday party on Saturday. Needless to say, I happily accepted.

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