Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

July 6

The evening in Parangole turned to be way more impressive, musically, then I expected.
I got there in good time, walking for at least an hour through the early evening city.
The proceedings look pretty much the same as in any similar place in Brazil - the musicians sit at and around the table, which is often covered with various instruments (especially percussion). The core of the band was there already, including Rafael, with whom I went on catching up right up to the moment the music started.
Since I was sitting at the table at that moment, I kind of got "stuck" right up there - every time I tried to make space for incoming musicians, everybody literarely insisted that I stay put.
Once I got comfortable with the situation, I enjoyed the special privellege enormously! It's quite something else, sitting inside this incredibly tight group - I ended up sitting squeezed in 3-man percussion section - and feeling all the vibes! The pandeiro player to my right was incredible. His name is Guilherme Feijão; he also played a number of other small percussion instruments, equally well. The way everyone loves and lives their tradition is something to love and (almost) envy.
Since each of the choro tunes consists of countless notes in the melody, it makes me really feel humble, how many of those pieces they have in their heads and souls.
The freedom, with which they interprete those "old" tunes, reminds me of the best examples of jazz music. Wonderful!!

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