Mittwoch, 20. Juli 2011

20 July

Since the chronic problems with internet continue to plague us here, I am using the chance and sneak early in the morning in the room 43 which has a stable connection.

Well, it is actually possible to say that my "official" activities in the auditorium of the Goethe-Institut have been defined:



August 1 - Workshop 1 --- composition and improvisation. Hands-on look at some of the tactics and practices; tunes of Tim Berne, Andy Laster, Herbie Nichols and mine (modesty itself) will serve as examples.

August 2 - Workshop 2 ---- Jazz Piano --- whatever one can imagine, pertaining to the subject.

August 3 - Workshop 3 ----- well, actually, more of an informal meeting with everyone interested to discuss the music, try something out and exchange knowledge and opinions.


August 5 --- concert with Rafael Ferrari (bandolim) and friends. Playing Brazilian music - choros of Pixinguinha, sambas of Noel Rosa, as well musica gaúcha - milonga, vaneira and chamamé.

August 8 --- concert with Luizinho Santos (reeds) and friends, playing Brazilian popular contemporary music.

August 10 ---- solo and duo with Mimo Ferreira (percussion), playing my tunes, sambas, maracatú, and grooving open loose!

After some pretty chaotic hours in the office und upstairs, in my place, chasing the working internet connection, frenetically finishing some tunes and basically stretching thin between all the chores, it was a blessed moment to drop into the classroom situation of an hour of Portuguese under the tutelage of José, truly one of the nicest guys I ever met.

Afterwards Luizinho Santos picked me up and we went to his place to rehearse a bit. He and his wife Bethy Krieger, who is a pianist herself, were wonderful hosts, and I amused myself watching their dog Mel (Honey) jump around in excitement - new face, new smell…

We looked at some tunes Luizinho suggested, by Hermeto Pascoal and Egberto Gismonti. I stoically avoided playing thier admittedly brilliant music up until now, but it's fun now, in this context, to check it out. I also forced 2 new tunes of mine on Luizinho, and plan to come up with some more for the next rehearsal.


Continuing introducing the people working at the institute - here is Claus Herzer, the Brazilian of German descent, the man who solves the office problems just as well as the technical mishaps which do occur with certain regularity. Very nice, relaxed and helpful.

Another nice guy working in the organisation is Felipe Ritter. He has established the morning routine of learning each day a word of Russian from me. So far so good...

And here are 2 of the private security people who guard the entrance of the Institute day and night. Here it is quite necessary…

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