Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

July 8

I activated yesterday 2 contacts from the last visit - the jazz sax player Luizinho Santos and pianist and composer Dunia Elias.
I am meeting the latter any minute now, and having a coffee tommorow with Luizinho. I am very curious to hear from him about the local jazz scene and see what we possibly could do together.

Another good connection is the head of the language department here in Goethe-Institut, Adrian Kissmann. Not only did he help me a couple of times in the matters of internet etc., but he also invited me tomorrow to go at midday to a good place to have Feijoada, a national Brazilian dish which I like a lot (when prepared delicately) and hear a Roda de Samba.
He will also explain to me some intricate details about the local transport system - grabbing the right "ônibus" (a normal bus) or "lotaçao" (mini bus) is not the most self-evident thing.

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