Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

July 11

Had the first musical meeting with Rafael Ferrari. We played for a few hours, checking out what's possible, which way we could go. The fact that I have an upright piano installed right in my pad turns out to be a blessing - to heat up the hall downstairs is not so easy or cheap and should be saved for some "special" occasions.
Obviously, the way I play Brazilian music is not exactly traditional; Rafael is great in that he is open for all of the madness. At the same time he is afraid that it'll be difficult to find a percussion player, open for everything. I hope we'll find 2-3 musicians to join us for this project.
Meanwhile, I suddenly have homework - got to figure out how to play Milonga, finish 2-3 of my tunes, polish "Noites Cariacas", a true evergreen of choro music - among other things. We meet again on Wednesday, and I'd better be ready!

Tomorrow I'm meeting Luizinho in the afternoon, and going to Parangolé again - should be great, again!

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