Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

July 7-8

These 2 days were consumed more by the "domestic" issues - since I am the first one who will stay 6 weeks long in this appartement, there are a few basic things missing, be it in the kitchen or what not.
Also, I am being plauged by the problems with the internet connection - it turned out to be very weak up here. But some major efforts are being made to solve it all; I hope next week will bring the much needed solution - an ethernet cable brought all the way up to the 6th floor where I reside…

Adair Gass organized for me a possibility to take some lessons of Portuguese, in exchange to some piano lessons, right here in my pad!
That's great, because I badly need some help in this departement! It also could prove to be the first instance of the "cultural exchange" which I am here for.
If I manage to nail Feijão to give me some lessons of pandeiro, I'll be quite content. We are exchanging emails to that extent, but it might demand some patience on my part…

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