Dienstag, 5. Juli 2011

Well, here I am in Porto Alegre, after a mere skip and a jump of the trans-atlantic crossing, the whole body still pleasantly swimming. I was prepared to be hit hard by the "coldest winter since a long time"; instead, I get treated to clear blue sky and plenty of sun - that's the kind of winter I'll take any day...
The director of the local Goethe-Institut, Reinhard Sauer, is still on vacation, but his wonderful team - Adair Gass, Claus Herzer and Mônica Schreiner - took me immediately under their wings. It feels like home of sorts - great! The first ideas about the contents of my stay here are being discussed, I suddenly have various invitations to attend concerts and events. There is quite a bit going on here - Goethe -Institut is hosting a week-long "Cello Meeting", plus single concerts and workshops.
As announced, in the evening I'll go to Parangolé - tommorow more about it.

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