Samstag, 13. August 2011

August 11

Nice warm day, begging to be spent outside, taking a stroll, sitting outside sipping a cold beer, relaxing…
Did just that, but before settling in the nightly routine of going to the bars with live music, I went to the Casa de Cultura Mario Quintana. I was already familiar with it, but it's strange and complicated structure demanded another visit. It occupies the former Hotel Majestic, right in the center of the city, the two nearly identical buildings connected by passages on each floor. These days it offers place for a number of galleries, small museums, on-going art projects, cinemas and a lovely cafe on the roof terrace. After a brief check of a few spaces, I went to see the film "Filhos de João" (João being João Gilberto), about the history of the "Novos Baianos", the band which came up with a very fresh sound in the 70's: I really love their tunes from that period.
The music, and the film even more so, reveal the spirit of the community, similar to the hippie in appearance, but, to me, much more valuable in its output…

here is a rare color footage of them doing their greatest hit Brasil Pandeiro:

Strolling down the Rua da Praia, I ran into Diego Dos Santos, who was having a beer with his friend Andre. I joined them immediately; the evening dropped on us quickly, as it happens here in the winter, and the night life was taking its rightful place…
Having worked up the appetite, Diego and I went to a place right next door to Parangolé, where we had a pretty far out concoction, which goes by the name of a pizza, but has very little in common with what Italians gave to the rest of the world. The pie is several proud inches high, and contains such "toppings" as beef Stroganov and other hearty combos. Once I shook off the memories of pizza as such, I could enjoy this wild creation quite a bit, also for what it represents - the insatiable appetite of gaúchos for piles of meat, hearty toppings and side dishes - this is my kind of land!

After this meal, it was our luck that the next destination was right next door - Parangolé, where I wanted to catch once again Prof. Darcy Alves. This time, besides his companion and nephew Silfarnei, there was one "official" pandeiro player, and two more sitting in occasionally, to my delight.
This style of music, evoking the mist of nostalgic reverie, pleases me immensely, I must admit.

Here is one of the greatest crooners of the yesteryear, Orlando Silva

and another great crooner, Francisco Alves

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