Sonntag, 7. August 2011

August 7

A quiet day for me, mostly staying home and nursing the cold.
Using the situation, I started to check out some of the Brazilian musicians Diego and some others were suggesting.
I am very thankful for every new name worthy of checking.
I started with Sérgio Sampaio, one of the "bad boys" of Brazilian music in the 70-80's. I am not prepared to comment much on his place in the music, but I already see that he did quite a few different things stylistically.
I like what I am hearing so far a lot.

All these new (to me) musicians apparently fall between the cracks as far as genres and generalizations go, and that's what I dig about this journey...

Here is one on a more melancholic side

And this one musically more typically "Brazilian", with a satirical text

I can only strongly recommend to search for further material on these muscians, in this blog I'll only list them, considering it a gentle push in the direction...

The next giant I am discovering today is Elomar Figueiro de Melo, or simply Elomar.
Once again, way too early to try to be "smart" about this phenomenon from Bahia.
A fresh (in this context) harmonic language and delivery bringing together some kind of troubadour styling with the stories about sertão. The language of the songs is full of his own inventions, also using heavily the sertaneza, the regional dialect. This certainly adds up to the uniqueness of the style.

Here is one powerfull example:

And here is Xangai, a musical partner of Elomar, performing Elomar's classic "Violêro"

I feel a bit like a fake, skipping here from one great artist to the next so rapidly, but, since I am not in position to tell too much about them at the moment, that's what is left to do.

On the other hand, my personal experience reminds me, that nowadays just one suggestion of a name or clip can lead to a most satisfying hunt on youtube or elsewhere.

So, now returning to the classics of the Música Gaúcha, here is the wonderful Noel Guarany:

Very soulful stuff, I find... And another one:

And now for something different - here is a great Argentinian bandoneon player Chaloy Jara:

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