Samstag, 13. August 2011

August 12

Another pleasant warm day, spent partially outside, partially organizing some last minute meetings. Adair Gass invited me to a well-known Bar de Beto, in Bom Fim, Jewish quarter. We had a nice talk, about my residence, among other things. After that I took a brisk walk to the beloved MEME, where Mimmo Ferreira and I opened once again the monthly Espaço Improviso. Had great fun again, this crowd at MEME is like one big family, great vibes, abundance of warmth and human generosity.
Had to split right away, heading to the Boteco Tchê, where Ernesto and Paulinho Fagundes were playing the modern hip version of milongas, chamamès and other types of música gaúcha.

Ernesto plays Bombo legüero - the traditional Argentinian drum. He adds some spice to the performance by not only singing but also using his voice for all kinds of effects.
The great Samuca joined them on accordion.

Rodrigo Panassolo was doing the live sound and hanging out with us - great company.

A wonderful guy, a musician too, Adriano Marques, was hanging out with his girlfriend at our table - we had a very heart-warming talk as well.

Was great to hear strong modern and creative ways to play the music, feeling that this music will not die out any time soon...

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