Sonntag, 14. August 2011

August 13

At 11 in the morning Dunia Elias came by bringing the copies of some music scores I asked for - entire books of Edu Lobo and Gismonti, some classic Zambas and a concise descriptions of the rhythms of Argentinian music - very valuable material!

At 12:30 I met José Fernandes. We went to have a lunch at Delicia Natural. After that we drove to Zona Sul, the beach of Ipanema - yes, there is such a place here, in Porto Alegre, and it is very beautiful.

At 4 pm José dropped me off at the Odomodé - the cultural center Afro-Sul, which keeps the tradition of the black music of Brazil alive here for 30 years, providing social programs for the kids of poor background and lessons in batucada, among other things.

The special event was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Chico Santana, one of the great sambistas of Velha Guarda da Portela - a samba school in Rio de Janeiro.

About 30 players from several cities were sitting in a huge circle, playing and singing his sambas for hours on end. I already saw these events plenty of times while in Rio, but every time this strong communal spirit picks me up and propels to the new heights of joy and sharpened awareness of all things around. I was very happy to finally, in the nick of time, have caught one of these gatherings there. Feijão and Careca were playing too.

here is a photo of the roda do samba, taken by Carolina Melo, a nice girl from Uberlándia, Minas Gerais

Later on Rafael Ferrari came by, partially because it was the last chance for us to hang out.
After a few hours we went to Goethe, to meet Jota and Daniel who brought the entire material (audio and video) of the 3rd concert with Mimmo Ferreira, to be copied on the spot.

While waiting for this to be accomplished, Rafael was showing me some of the most remarkable bandolim players on youtube.

For instance, I discovered the great predecessor of Jacob do Bandolim - Luperce Miranda:

On the other end of the time spectrum, the amazing Hamilton de Hollanda:

The material safely on my HD, Rafael and I quickly moved to the MEME, where the Bahian musician Mateus Aliluia, maestro of the Musica Preta Brasileira was giving a solo performance. His talk and music had a very meditative, calming and rooted qualities, all about afro-brazilian traditions of the older times.

We already met the evening before, and talking to him left a wonderful mark on my somewhat agitated mood (last few days were increasingly emotional for me - spending these 6 weeks here apparently meant much more to me than I suspected).

A nice meal and funny conversations rounded up the day.

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