Dienstag, 9. August 2011

August 9

Yesterday I played Concert 2

This one was solo, since the idea with the large piece requiring large ensemble didn't work out and there was no more time to prepare more material with Luizinho.
The weather was terrible, and the promotion of this event seemingly on the light side, all of it resulting in a somewhat smallish audience.
Those who came out in this rain and storm were very attentive and thankful. I played a melange of Herbie Nichols, Monk and free improv.
I went away a rather satisfied customer, I hope the others too…

Tonight Mimmo Ferreira (percussion) and I will record at night here. I am really looking forward to it - I've always loved playing and recording duos with drummers - the duo CD's with Han Bennink, Tom Rainey and Park Je-Chun are not so silent witnesses to it.
But I never played a duo with a Brazilian percussion player - untill few weeks ago. It feels pretty damn good to me!
Tomorrow night the same duo will play the third and last concert of my residence.

Continuing our walk through the never ending garden of genres and types of Brazilian music: here is Jayme Caetano Braun, one of the greatest of payada, texts based on the models of old troubadour stories of medieval and Renaissance times, but fitted to the campeiro taste and topics. Some of these stories of daily hardships and the proud gaucho spirit are known by heart in this region.It's typical for the entire South of the continent - Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.

Here is the great Cenair Maicá, who belonged to the same scene of música nativista.

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