Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

August 2

Workshop 2

This one was dedicated to the jazz piano topics - the history, techniques and my personal approach to it, whatever it might mean…
The first third, at least, was spend on looking in detail at the stride piano, still one of my favorite subjects. A smallish but very interested crowd of participants were really into it. After the break we went through some of the more "modern" topics and aspects. In the end I gave a sort of a short recital, demonstrating the use of the subjects discussed earlier.

Here are some of the students - number of them ended up coming to all 3 workshops, nice...

Continuing to present the people working in Goethe-Institut - here is Fernando Yepes, he is the boss of the bar downstairs, which offers good beers and snacks. Fernando, a gregarious Argentinian, is a really great guy, open, easy going but very much aware of all things around. I like to hang out and talk to him and Flávio about all and nothing…

The other day he sent me the picture taken at the bar after the session I did with Diego Dos Santos and the quartet.

And here are Fernando, Dunia and I at the bar, after the second workshop.

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