Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

August 3

The day started on a very nice note - bright and early (at 10 am) all four of us - Rafael Ferrari, Mimmo Ferreira and Guilherme Sanches - the new addition to the band playing on Friday the 5th - and I had a very nice rehearsal and a lunch afterwards.

Here are Mimmo, Guilherme and Rafael

Workshop 3

Well, my plan to have an ample amount of musicians and create together with them a longer piece based on partially notated graphic score failed royally.
Only 7 people showed up, most of them without an instrument. A bit of a drag… Still, we managed to have good 4 hours of fun. 2 guys played solo piano for us, then I played with a bassist a tune of his. Later we were jamming on Brazilian tunes, especially when Claudio Calcanhotto showed up - I gave him my pandeiro to play - and off we were… Later, while chatting at the bar, it turned out that he is the brother of Adriana Calcanhotto, one of the finest Brazilian singers and performers.

Even though I continue being sick as a dog, I just needed to go out - this time I re-visited a nice pub called Odeon in the center of the city. I already have been there last year. The bar sports a beaten up upright piano. Jazz music in duos or trios is the preferred idiom here.

I sat in on a few tunes with the guitarist Dinho Oliveira, following the invitation of the pianist Conrado "Tonda" Pecoits whom I met last year. Tonda spent 15 years in Munich, speaks German and is a super nice fellow. (Later on he turned up at workshop and 2 concerts - if that's not a genuine interest, I don't know what is...)

Later the tenor sax player Claudio Sander came by - we played together last year

All the musicians, once again, are extremely friendly, open and fun to talk to.

And here are the very nice owner of the bar (right) and his help

Here is the man in charge of the library of Goethe-Institut, Ulrich Kaup, in perfect harmony with his co-worker Rosa Vidal.

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