Donnerstag, 4. August 2011

August 4

Sleeping in late, to cure the flu which just doesn't want to leave me in peace.
Made a decision to play a solo concert on Monday, the 8th.
Had another rehearsal with Rafael and Mimmo, a chat with Fernando in the bar - business as usual, by now…

I finally managed to catch in the bar Parangolé Professor Darcy Alves and his nephew Silfarnei, a wonderful duo appearing there every Thursday.
The maestro does great renditions of the popular songs and instrumental numbers of the 40's and 50's - tunes full of charme, romance and elegance.
Here is a clip of them at Parangolé - try not to be distracted by the noise, it's absolutely normal in Brazil in places like that to talk loudly while some musicians are providing a pleasurable background… But don't understand me wrong, people are listening and enjoying it a lot, singing along etc. It's just not a part of the culture to show the respect to musicians in the same manner we are used to it…

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