Samstag, 6. August 2011

August 6

Last night the first concert of the project took place in Goethe Institut.

Concert 1

Rafael Ferrari - bandolim
Simon Nabatov - piano
Mimmo Ferreira - percussão
Guilherme Sanches - percussão

The program:

1. Maracatu Rústico ---- S. Nabatov
2. Nega Dina ----Ze Keti
3. Milonga Urbana ---- R. Ferrari
4. Kilômetro 11
5. Feitio de Oração --- Noel Rosa
6. Piano solo
7. Em cima do laço
8. Bom Conselho --- S. Nabatov
9. Bandolim solo
10. Choro pra ninguém ---- S. Nabatov
11. Tertúlia --- Bebete Alvez
12. Valsa da Saudade --- R.Ferrari
13. Segura Ele --- Pixinguinha e Benedito Lacerda
14. Noites Cariocas --- Jacob de Bandolim

Everyone pulled their energies to make the best possible result, and I am so grateful to all the musicians for that!
It was not always easy for me trying to learn the specifics of the música gaúcha, but it seems like I pulled it off, partially, considering that it was the first time...
The audience was very appreciative. It was very encouraging to feel this - after all, I was moving in and on the territory which wasn't really mine…
It appeared that the heads of the Institut - Reinhard Sauer, Adair Gass, Claus Herzer - liked it quite a bit too.

All of us musicians had a feeling that this project has the potential to continue, both here and elsewhere. I hope to be able to see it through.

A 90 minute concert was recorded and filmed by the crew of Leo Bracht. The guys did a really fine job, and were fun to hang out, first in the Goethe Bar under the auspices of Fernando, who several times expressed just how much he liked the show - thanks Fernando!
Later we moved to the Mulligan Pub not far away, to have a rather interesting conversation about the state of Brazil and Europe these days.

Here are the participants (minus Feijão who split earlier) with Fernando, at the bar, enjoying the well deserved repouse.

I will get next week the multi-track recordings and video material. I hope there are some really nice things there - but this will be decided later on, back in Cologne.

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